La Real Academia

  de Tango Argentino

Institut Supérieur de Formation Professionnelle en Tango Argentin

Initially formed in Martial Arts, but always having danced as an amateur, Dominique Lescarret invests himself as teacher, in danse in couple, as of 1986, and since 1993 more specifically in Argentinian Tango.

Of his first profession of Engineer, he conserved thoroughness on the technical aspect, giving as much importance in the understanding of a movement as in its realisation. After having received an intensive formation of dance professor, he studied a variety of couple dances, from Sportive Dance, to Musette, passing by Swing, amongst others. These studies allowed him to develop the fundamentals of guidance and stance, which he teaches today. This extensive and intensive approach has earned him a reputation as an exceptional pedagogue.

Reference teachers in Argentinian Tango are Gustavo Navera, Fabian Salas, Chicho, Pablo Veron, Gabriel Angio, Sebastian Arce...

More a professor than a demonstrator, his greatest passion is teaching, professional formations that he has already animated have received warm welcomes from the hundred of professors of couple dance that displayed confidence in him.

He is at the origin of this formation, for which he collaborated with Hernan Villegas.

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