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Choreographer, born to a humble family, he passed his infancy in Lujan de Cuyo (Mendoza) where at 10 years old he entered the world of Argentinian dances, without imagining that later he'd attain a high level due to his innovative shows and his particular imagination, which give him a rank amongst the greater creators of the moment.

The choreographers Terraza and E. Pino, incorporated to the Lujan ballet within which he accomplished his first national tour, and then in Chili..

Parallel to that, he started a series of competitions such as zapateador, obtaining the first places and special *mentions*. In 1993 his is convened for a tour in Spain, participating in the worldwide festival of folklore dances at Palma de Mallorca, then at Madrid and Marbella. Uruguay received him during the festival of Prado and at the park Roosevelt and canal 4 (TV) of Mentevideo in 1994. At 17 years old, he had already started presenting choreographies and giving lessons within schools that prepare future dancers. Two years later he was chosen as the choregrapher responsible for organising one of the 18 festivals of Vendimia... In 1995 he was chosen to dance at the representation KUARAVI for the theatrical choregrapher Colonn Julio Lopez, with Eleonora Cassano and Julio Bocca.


In 1997, he did a tour in the United States during 3 months at New York, New Jersey and Atlantic City. He left for a second tour in Chili from Serena up to Santiago, participating at the festival of Cosquin at Cordoba. Added to that he participated in demonstrations in: the Alvear Palace Hotel, Sheraton, Emperador, Hilton, Events at the San Martin Palace, Cancilleria de Bs.As., the Casa Rosada, Inflex with as special guest the President KIRCHNER, the Olympic Rewards Committee, TC 2000, La Rural, the Theatre of Trastienda, the Theatre Español, La Confiteria Ideal, the milonga salon cannig (Parakultural), NH CITY Hotel, the festival of Cosquin 2000, 2001 and 2002, amongst others.

In 2002 he started his first show: "ASI SE BAILA PIAZZOLLA" (tango), then created "ARGETINA-BAILA" (folklore) presented at the theatre LA TRASTIENDA, the 19th April 2004. Later, he presented NETO TANGO, at the Theatre Español, and in 2006 he created the COMPAÑIA UNIVERSAL DE TANGO with which he is actually realising his new show called TANGOS DEL UNIVERSO and ending TANGOS RODANTES (show created for the Italian selection of artistic ice-skating with which they presented themselves at the world championship).

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