Bruno Calvo, from his father’s lead, proposes a tango with vast influences, ranging from traditional ballroom tango to a more open and demonstrative saloon tango. Proving himself available and well learned, his passage at the Institute was a certain pleasure, and students profited greatly of his knowledge.

Sandrine Navarro’s passage was strongly marked. Her work was dedicated to the role of the follower and her return to Marseille is awaited. Along with Bruno, she intervened on turn techniques.

For more information :   Sandrine Navarro et Bruno Calvo


Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli teachers at the Escuela Argentina de Tango at the cultural centre Borges in Buenos Aires. Capable of dancing every style from Canyengue, through contemporary Tango, they have become specialists in Colgadas and Volcadas, and of their integration into more traditional forms of dancing.

They intervened on turn techniques, integration of ganchos and boleas in turns, and on colgadas and volcadas. Their passage was widely appreciated, through their high level, availability and their pedagogy.

For more information :   http://www.gustavoygisela.com.ar/


Adriadna and Fernando propose a modern tango in the form, yet classic by its routes. A style lively yet sensual, natural yet precise, they introduce some spontaneity to tango too often forgotten. Their clear and precise methods were particularly appreciated. Their kindness, availability as well as their enthusiasm have equal only their talent. They marked the spirits of amateurs and future professionals alike.

They intervened at the Real Academia on the theme of Voléos.

For more information :  Ariadna y Fernando


The only one Gabriela was able to intervene, Eduardo having been kept in Argentina at the last moment. The training course lost nothing there, so much Gabriela masters both roles. The lessons of a high intensity allowed to discover the bases of Milonga Lisa and Traspie. Famous all over the world, as much as in Buenos Aires, Gabriela knew how to communicate her passion and her educational knowledge to all the trainees, enthusiastically and professionalism.. Two places to meet them in Buenos Aires: Escuela Argentino de Tango to the Cultural Center Borges, to the Galeria Pacifico, or in their Milonga: "La Baldosa".

For more information :   Gabriela Elias et Eduardo Perez


Jenny and Guy propose a festive tango, based on a wide musical interpretation. This tango is most often in close Abrazo and can be danced in any form of Milongas. Guy, musician, singer, writer and conductor of an orchestra, is particularly careful on the correlation between the music and the dance.

Jenny specializes in detecting the subtleties in guiding through the chest. They intervened at the Real Academia on themes such as the walk, fundamental bases, in close Abrazo and on the musicality of a dance. High standards, availability and cheerfulness marked their passage.

For more information : Tango Madame

Tango having such diversity, of approaches or possible interpretations so different, that it would be vain to pretend to possess an exhaustive knowledge. To ensure students a presentation and course as large as possible, outside contributors of renown, with different sensibilities, are punctually invited to give lessons. Contributors having participated for the institute are, by chronological order:

So taught The Institute, in order chronological

- Gustavo Rosas et Gisela Natoli

- Sandrine Navarro et Bruno Calvo

- Jenny Faugier et Guy Marrec

- Ariadna Naveira et Fernando Sanchez

- Gabriela Elias (et Eduardo Perez)


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Also came in our school,

But only for teaching to the amateur followers:

Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas et Carolina de Riviera, Sebastian Arce et Mariana Montes, Edouardo Archimbaud, Thérésa Cuna, Ricardo Calvo, Marta Anton y"El Gallego" Manolo et bien d'autres encore ...





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