La Real Academia

  de Tango Argentino

Institut Supérieur de Formation Professionnelle en Tango Argentin

Noellia along with her younger brother Nahuel discovered the world tango when their uncle inscribed them as of a young age at the Academy of the Maestro Rodolfo Cieri and his wife Maria. They stayed for twelve years, until Rodolfo decided that her talent should see other horizons. In addition to her attachment for his company, Noelia passed through various academies, including that of Osvaldo Zotto, Mingo Pugliese, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games. She improved herself during various seminaries, notably Mora Godoy. In addition to lessons in Tango, Valse and Milonga, Noelia attended seminaries on jumps with Cristina Cortes, acrobatics with Carlos Winter, classic dance and relaxations with professor Monica Souto. During the years passed with Rodolfo and Maria, Nahuel and Noelia also learnt the particular style of Canyengue, which they dance and teach today.

They effectuated many demonstrations in every Milonga of Buenos Aires, Sunderland, Gricel, Canning, Glorias Argentinas, etc… having danced in front of 10 000 people at Carué, participating in representations in theatres the Calle Corrientes, the San Martin and Alvear, and they participated in the Festival Buenos Aires Tango in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. They also participated in the representation Buenos Aires Color Tango, with the orchestra Color Tango. Noelia has done many tours in Italy, England, France, Holland, Sweden, Croatia and Slovenia


Noelia BARSI and Hernan VILLEGAS in the Confiteria LA IDEAL :     Vidéo 1     Vidéo 2     Vidéo 3

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