Objective of the formation available at the institute

In the role of the leader

To master the dance techniques and pedagogy needed to give a lesson in a school or association. To have a basis with which to specialise at a high level in different styles of Argentinian Tango

In the role of the follower

To better her technical level: assure a lesson alone; understand the guidance techniques belonging to the leader’s; to be able to assist a representative in the case of an advanced course; give the explanations specific to the follower's moves.

 The formation will be validated, for the roles and after an exam, by a

        Diploma de : "Profesor de Tango Argentino"

The Formation of Professor of Tango of the Real Academia

Twelve weeks of intensive work, dispersed out over two years, 340 hours of theoretical and practical courses, the best of the “Pédagogie Européene et du Savoir Faire Argentin”: each week in Europe including 30 hours of courses (25 hours in Argentina, plus experience).

Participants limited in number.

First Year : four times one week at Marseille, plus two weeks in Argentina.

At the end of every week, students are delivered a Certificate of End of Course

Second year : three times one week at Marseille, plus three weeks in Argentina

Diploma of: "Profesor de Tango Argentin" at the end of the third year, after the exam

The Academia Universal de Tango y Folklore Argentina d’Hernan Villega, Real Academia of Argentinian Tango, and the European schools participating in the program, including Marseille Tango, will validate the diploma “Profesor de Tango Argentino”.

Short Cursus : After audition at the end of the first week, a shortened cursus can be proposed allowing confirmed dancers, who have been teaching since at least three years (with proof), to undergo the cursus in one year instead of two.

Interrupting the Cursus : Any module or part of an exam validated is permanently acquired, the cursus can be discontinued.

Public concerned

Five categories of participants :

- Practitioners of Argentinian Tango wishing to upgrade to professional teaching, to create their own lessons, school or association

- Beginning teachers of Argentinian Tango unable to follow regularly perfection lessons and wishing to follow a professional formation

- Professors, or competitors, of other forms of couple dancing or ballroom dance or sportive dance, wishing to receive a formation specific to Argentinian Tango

- Practitioners or teachers of other disciplines such as classic, jazz, amongst others, wishing to follow a formation in Argentinian Tango

- Confirmed dancers of Argentinian Tango who have been teaching since at least three years, and who can as such benefit of the " Short Cursus".

These categories include people who already posses, either through solid bases of couple dancing, or bases of solo dance. This formation excludes beginners in any of the disciplines. Prior to an audition and complementary formation, practitioners of a high level of Aikido or Tai Chi Chuan, can eventually follow this cursus.

Work Methodology

It is obvious that the starting levels being different, and that 450 hours of lessons is very insufficient to learn Tango and know how to teach it, the students will be expected to, following their individual needs, review their work between each week of course work.

The program being exactly made from the elder Escuela Nacional de Danzas de Buenos Aires, and the examiners having worked on it, the principle retained was that underlying official Argentinian diplomas: "Any person having followed the formation is capable of passing the final exam". As consequence, followers will have to know, at least partially, the role of the man, seen as at the issue of the formation they will obtain the same diploma.

However, during the examination, only the practical bases, and the theoretical part with are rigorously identical, each keeping its predilection for the dance part, at an advanced level.

The students will have to, in consequence, and during the formation, change role, and partner.  

Cost of the Formation: each week of course in France :

320 € (for 30 hours) 580 Eu if by couple

The cost does not include the trip, nor the housing, at the charge of the students.

Cost of the Formation in Argentina : 560 €

Two weeks (50 hours lessons)  990 Eu if by couple

The cost does not include the trip, nor the housing, at the charge of the students. For Buenos Aires, they include 5 trips to the Confiteria Ideal (practical and milonga, lunch, drinks, show). The price of the airplane ticket varies between 800 and 1300 €, depending on the date of reservation. Opportunities of housing at advantageous prices will be offered to students. Tourist trips, or entries in other Milongas are in extra.

Preparation and passage final exam : 80 Eu / couples 140 Eu

Two additional days at the end of program, only for those who followed required modules and which want to get their Diploma


Methods of Payment

The amount of every module has to reach in the form of check or of transfer at least one week before the beginning of every trainingIn case of a permanent impossibility, the remaining parts of the course will be reimbursed, if justified. A cancellation insurance will cover the courses done in France.


The Training

Institut Supérieur de Formation Professionnelle en Tango Argentin

La Real Academia

  de Tango Argentino